A Special Journey on the River Mekong for a Special Vacation

If you ever wondered about taking a vacation through the Far East, you might be spoilt for choices available to you. Each of the places are special and each journey is special as well. You could take a flight, you could take a train ride across locations, and you could take a journey on foot and by buses or you could take a river cruise on the rivers which flow through the length and breadth of the Far East.

River Cruise through Mekong

Mekong is one of the greatest rivers which flows through Vietnam and Cambodia. It travels through a serene path and offers one of the best views to a tourist who has never seen the wonders of the river Mekong. A Mekong river cruise will make your vacation something not just to remember, but a memory you will cherish throughout your life time. You can find an itinerary which suits your temperament and your journey will usually start from the great and historical Ho Chi Minh City and end at Hanoi. You will find that most of the modern comforts are available to you and you will not be found missing the modern world and your usual luxuries.

Modern comforts for you

While you are languidly cruising through the river Mekong, you will be surrounded by a sea of modern luxury which starts from a dining experience that includes cuisines from across the world and also local delicacies. You would find the best wines and beers and soft drinks to accompany the meals. You would local entertainment and performances by folk artistes; you could choose to engage in a culture discussion forum, or you could simply lay back on the sun deck and soak in the great view that river Mekong and life on its shore offers.

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