How to Consume Nootropic Supplement In Order To Obtain Best Result

You can obtain nootropic supplement in different forms. Most of them prefer to take it in the powder form. These supplements are also available as tablets and capsules. You can also get them in many different forms as per your own need. In case of capsules and pills it is really very simple as you can take them with water. However, powdered nootropics are not very easy to consume. If you prefer to take these supplements in this form you must understand the following.

Check the solubility

Before taking in powdered form you must make sure that it is either soluble in water or fat. This way, you will know how this powder dissolves. For example – Piracetam, a well known nootropic is soluble in water and you can easily consume them with water. Take the required dosage and mix it with water to get it dissolved. It also gets absorbed in our body quite easily. The other nootropic which is soluble in water are Phenylpiracetam and Oxiracetam.

Some of the nootropics are soluble in fat and hence does not mix with water. Therefore, you should take these nootropics with some fat. For example – Aniracetam is soluble in fat and therefore if you try to mix it with water it will not dissolve well and it will taste bad too.

Most of the supplements are soluble in fat therefore it can be absorbed by our body and also it is difficult to eliminate their effect. That is why its effect remains in our body for longer time. You can visit to read about it in more detail.

Nootropics and food

As you understand, supplements which are soluble in water and fat get absorbed by our body differently. Therefore, the user of nootropics must take them in different manner. Nootropics, which are water soluble, must be taken when our stomach is empty to obtain good result. The body will also absorb them very fast. On the other hand, if you take them with food then you will not get good effect of these supplements. Therefore avoid taking them after or before 30 to 35 minutes of eating food.

The nootropics soluble in fat must be taken along with food. You can take any type of food as most of them contain fat. You must have eaten at least 15 minutes before taking the supplement.

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