How to Grow Your Business and Keep Your Profits High

Operating a business in the 21st century is sort of a tale of two situations. In many ways, it is the best of times for business owners. The Internet has greatly increased the opportunity a small business owner has. You can operate a business from your dining room table and access customers all around the world. It’s also the worst of times because economies around the world have been in flux for close to a decade. Small businesses are competing against global multinational chains that can reach into every corner of the world now. They have bigger warehouses and slicker operations. If you manage to get a business up and running in the 21st century, you’ve beaten the odds in an impressive way. You need to capitalise on that momentum.

Operating a business

One way to advance the momentum is to move your small start-up into an office. An office signals to your employees that you’re growing. It says that you’re becoming more stable and more serious about moving forward in the business world. It signals a sort of authority and authenticity to your clients and customers. There’s one significant drawback to an office, though; they’re expensive. Getting into a great office, furnishing it, paying your bills, and moving all of your resources in can be incredibly pricey. Even if you manage all the costs of moving into the office, you have to pay utilities, rent, and services every month. What other option do you have?


A Serviced Office

A serviced office is one that is fully outfitted with desks, chairs, and rooms. It has Internet access, air conditioning, heating, and every amenity you could possibly need to run a successful business. These are time and money saving endeavours. For one, you don’t have to pay several different organisations for your office; you can pay one organisation each month for the opportunity to work in an office.

A Serviced Office

They also save you money because you don’t have to buy a bunch of desks and office furniture. Buying all of that stuff and then moving it into your office could cost you thousands of pounds. What if your start-up is seasonal? If you have a seasonal business that sees bursts of activity during the Christmas season and then falls off, you don’t want all of that overhead. You just want to have a space to put your expanded business for the season that it’s expanded. A serviced office from is a great way to get that done.

A Serviced Offices

Increased Productivity

Interestingly, a serviced office can actually make you money. It can help increase productivity which will save you money because you will not have as much wasted time or as many errors. Also, increased productivity should mean that more of your product or service is being created. That means you’ll have more to sell without a drastic increase in overhead.

serviced offices

Independent researchers have shown that many different employees actually work better in some kind of office. If you’ve got a start-up or a small business, moving to a serviced office can increase your productivity and save you money.

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