Plan Your next Driving Holiday

The summertime is an epic time to plan a great driving holiday. The days are long and nights are warm. It’s a perfect time to pack your bags, get behind the wheel of a camper and drive off to your favourite campgrounds in New Zealand. There is no real reason to fly off to an exotic holiday when you are able to enjoy what you have in your own backyard.

The Best Holidays in New Zealand

It is always a good idea to support the local economy by taking a holiday in New Zealand. When you decide to use campervan hire in Christchurch by Apollo Motorhomes, you are not only about to set off on a great trip, you are supporting your friends and neighbours across the land. You and your travel mates can make plenty of great memories on your driving holiday. You can head towards the beach or trek to one of many attractions such as Queenstown. Once you arrive, you can partake in bungee jumping, kayaking, snowboarding, swimming and many other great activities. The point is that you do not have to go far to have a great vacation.

Best Holidays in New Zealand

A Campervan Makes Sense

Campervans are a great way to travel in New Zealand. You are able to travel with your closest friends or family members. You can bring along your favourite music to listen to along the way. You have the freedom to hit the roads and travel in style. Campervans are affordable and allow you to sleep under the stars at any one of many campgrounds or national parks that allow overnight visitors. It truly is one of the most sensible ways to travel because you do not need a Passport. All you need is a bit of money, a Driver’s License and a heightened sense of adventure. When you use a campervan from Christchurch to make your journey, you do not have to worry about finding a hotel to stay at. Your hired campervan has sleeping areas for everyone you are travelling with.

Campervan Makes Sense

Stay Cosy

While you might think that camping sounds like a hot experience, nothing could be further from the truth. Each campervan is equipped with heat and air-conditioning that runs off of an electric hook-up when your campervan is parked. If the weather is warmer than you like, you are able to turn on the air-conditioning on to cool things down a bit. If the weather is too chilly for you, you are able to turn on the heat to make things more comfortable.

Stay Cosy

Stay Connected

One concern you might have while you are away from your home is how you are going to stay connected to the Internet. When you rent a motorhome, it comes equipped with a wireless router so you can use your wireless enable laptop computers, tablet computers and other wireless-enabled devices. This means that even though you are on the road, you do not have to lose touch with news and your social networks.

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