Sustanon – A way to increase testosterone level artificially

Sustanon is a mixture of four different testosterone esters to produce testosterone. It is usually selected by bodybuilders, athletes because when comparing sustanon with other bodybuilding supplements the presence of esters that gives synergetic effect. The availability of sustanon is mostly in the common form of Sustanon 250mg which is a blend of one long ester and short ester and two medium esters. The blend is provided uniquely to release the effect of the supplement for long lasting. The faster action of ester blend and testosterone propionate is active on the first day. The other esters become active within the weeks time. Athletes use sustanon to increase their strength rapidly with fat-free mass. The bodybuilders with water retention problems and high level of estrogens prefer sustanon than other testosterone supplements. Sustanon is generally prescribed for the persons with low testosterone production. One injection only need to inject every 3-4 weeks is quite enough for correcting the problem

Sustanon and benefits

Good quantity of calories that provides a great muscle mass with less body fat which ultimately increases the body strength. Since Sustanon is loaded with testosterone which increases the metabolic rate in the body thus dissolves the accumulated fat.

Though the product increases the cutting cycle still it sustains with the lean tissue. A point should be noted that people usually want to cut down their intake calorie which in turn burns the fat that leads to lean tissue. However, the Sustanon is able to maintain the lean tissue though it burns the fat rapidly. In addition to the above, the testosterone is able to burn the fat that presents with a well-built look.

The real purpose of sustanon is to increase the testosterone level in men, but still, it has been used by the athletes, weight lifters and body builders for their physical enhancement. It is recommended to use sustanon with a prescription for proper dosing and to knock out the symptoms. When purchasing such androgenic supplements without proper prescription it is not only an illegal issue but also leads to adverse and dangerous side effects.

As discussed above Sustanon encompasses four esters in one drug which is composed of Testosterone decanoate, phenyl propionate, propionate, and isocaproate. A few moderations in the drug reduce the usual side effects. Sustanon 250 also comes in the injection form which is administered in the buttock, upper leg or arm. Intake of sustanon will never be a single cause for keeping muscle mass it also requires to accompany with regular exercise, diet pattern, and lifestyle. Then only one can achieve the desired results.

Sustanon side effects:

  • The heavy aromatizing effect of sustanon mainly affects the testosterone to convert into estrogen. The increased levels of estrogen lead to Gynecomastia and water retention which in turn hikes the blood pressure.
  • Decreased count in sperms
  • Increased blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood
  • Excess weight gain
  • Itchy skin with acne vulgaris
  • Liver tumors
  • Cholesterol level uplift
  • Painful erection in the penis
  • Anxiety with irritability
  • Nausea and vomiting associated with a headache


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