Symptoms of Low T

Testosterone is the primary male hormone produced by the body. It is basically produced and secreted by the testes and by adrenal gland (in very low amount) in man. Its   secretion is regulated by the hormones of pituitary gland. Testosterone is produced in both men and women (similar to estrogen) but majorly responsible for developing characters in males. It helps in producing sexual and physical growth in men such as it initiate the production of sperms, develop male sex drive, enhance bone muscles, size, and increases overall strength. It also helps in lipolysis and results in fertility. Testosterone production falls naturally after a certain age. It generally starts from the age of 35and it get decreases with the age. It is found out by the research of American urological Association that out of 10 men of age 60 or older, every 2 men suffers from low testosterone. According to the Food and drug administration (FDA), the normal range of testosterone is from 300-1000 ng/dL. If a testosterone level decreases below 300 nanograms per deciliters, then it is considered as low T. This low testosterone is measured by the test known as serum testosterone. This problem occurs early that signs of androgen deficiency started to show which probably due to hypogonadism, a situation in which body is failed to produce testosterone or due to changed life style.

Causes of low testosterone or sign of androgen deficiency are

The side effects of low testosterone are

  1. Erectile dysfunction – testosterone helps in maintaining the erection thus stimulates the sex dive of men. It helps in regulating the receptor which produces nitric oxide in the brain and indirectly helps in causing the erection. This nitric oxide then triggers other biological and chemical reactions which is important part of erection. Low testosterone will result in difficulty with erection. Erectile dysfunction is also caused by diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, alcohol use ,depression etc.
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