Three Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent to Find Rental Properties

When most people are looking to buy a home, they consult with a real estate agent who helps them find an appropriate property. However, most people do not hire a real estate agent when they need rental properties. Instead, they do all of the work themselves, which often means settling for the first property they are qualified to rent.

Rental Properties

Why Hire an Agent

Real estate agents are untapped resources when it comes to rental properties. Even though they may have several listings for rental homes, vacation rentals and apartments available to them, they usually don’t have enough clients looking for those properties. There are several other benefits to hiring an agent to help you find residential property for rent.

Why Hire an Agent

Saves Time

Looking for a rental property can be exhausting. Not only do you have to search through hundreds of ads online and in local publications, but you have to contact the landlords, leave messages and set up appointments to see the properties. If you work and have a family, it can take hours of your time to find a suitable place.

By hiring a real estate agent, you can let them do the searching and appointment setting for you. Along with the listings they may already have, they can connect with other agents to find suitable properties for you and your family. By letting them do the work for you, your valuable time will be saved.

rental property

Get First Pick

Sometimes a real estate agent will have information about properties that will soon go on the market for rent because they work with property owners. They can help you see the property before it is advertised, which gives you an advantage over other people wanting to find a rental property.

Some agents may also preview properties they have located for you to make sure it fits your requirements for a home. If it doesn’t, they can move on to the next property and mark that one off of your list.

Get First Pick

Saves Money

Real estate agents can help you save money in several ways by helping you find a rental property. First, they can negotiate a lower rent or deposit on the property for you. Since they know about real estate values, they can use that knowledge to help lower the rent. In addition, they can make sure any deposit you put down on the property to hold it for you doesn’t “get lost.”

Using the services of a real estate agent is usually free because the property owner pays them to help find good tenants. Instead of paying an apartment search company money to help you find a good property, you can hire a real estate agent.

Saves Money

While many people moving to another city may use the services of an agent to find rental properties in the city they are moving to, you should consider hiring a local agent when you are ready to move within your hometown. They can help you find the perfect house or condo while you live your life.

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