What Are Ribbons Most Commonly Used for?

Decorated tape is used for a variety of different reasons. A standard ribbon can be used for many other purposes apart from simply wrapping gifts. Many companies order printed tape for use in a variety of promotional events. The tape is available in a multitude of different colours and can be used for subliminal marketing.

However, many people are still confused about why printed ribbons are so commonly used. Here are a few of the most practical applications in which a printed ribbon is generally used.

printed ribbons

Award Ceremonies

Is your company holding an annual award ceremony? If so, you could order printed tape and place it around the awards while giving them away. You may have seen decorated tape hanging around the awards that are often given out to people. In fact, the decorated tape is also used in a variety of different global ceremonies, such as the Olympics. You can also ask the printing specialist to write a comment or print your company’s logo on the ribbon.

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Have you seen many famous celebrities placing ribbons on their lapels as a form of awareness? Awareness ribbons are generally used by famous celebrities in order to draw attention to popular events and campaigns. For instance, only recently, the breast cancer awareness ribbon became very popular. The symbol was used around the globe by famous celebrities in order to draw attention to this rapidly spreading type of cancer.


Grand Openings

Grand openings are generally held in order to commemorate the opening of a new franchise of a new branch. You may have seen the chief guest cutting a large ribbon at the event. Grand openings generally attract public attention, which is one of the main reasons why a larger ribbon is used. The ribbon could have your company’s logo or the brand name, thus making it easier to attract attention. However, for a grand opening, a simple ribbon wouldn’t work. You need something that’s much bigger in size and has a clear printed message.

Grand Openings

Boxes and Hampers

One of the most popular uses of printed tape is when it is used for wrapping boxes and hampers. If you are the owner of a company and want to give your employees gifts for the holiday season, you should consider wrapping the gift items with a decorated tape that has your company’s logo or a printed message on it. This way, not only will you make your employees happy, but you will also be able to market yourself on a much bigger scale.

Boxes and Hampers


A charity ribbon can be used to draw attention to your charity. You can print the name of your charity along with a personal message on it about why people should contribute. Whether you are holding a fundraiser or a simple event, handing out these pins is a great way to draw attention to your cause and to secure greater donations for your charity. Most companies also offer discounts if you are ordering for a charity.

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